Janet and The Wūn – 4

-My race?- – -They called me small eyes- – -I’m just Asian- – -I don’t know what I am- – “Oh, um,  I was Asian. See, my parents lived in Japan growing up but when they got married, decided to move to America.” said Janet. “I see Asian, meaning originating from Asia. Yes, now I […]

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Janet and The Wūn – 3

When Janet woke up, she could see out of her eye again. She was now strapped down to her bed and her mirror was gone. The table next to her had also been removed. The only thing she could look at in the room now was the door. Janet stared at the door for what […]

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Janet and The Wūn – 2

Janet snapped her head to the right to see who was there. In the doorway stood a female nurse about 5’7 whose features were flawless. She stood tall with perfect posture. Her hair was perfectly slicked back into a bun without a flyaway in sight. She had no makeup, but she didn’t need any. The woman didn’t have […]

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Janet and The Wūn – 1

Janet woke up in a bed. She had no recollection of what was going on. All Janet knew was that she had a bad headache and she couldn’t see out of her right eye. Last she remembered, she was hurt. She had been in a car accident with her mom. The paramedics rushed her to a […]

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Crash (Pt. 1)

“Melissa! What are we going to do? We are the only humans on Earth!” exclaimed Noah. “First off, we don’t know if we are actually the last humans on Earth and second…” Melissa explained. “Shhhh… I hear someone.” whispered Noah.  Noah and Melissa quickly scurried behind the nearest tree. Melissa dug to the bottom of […]

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