Janet and The Wūn – 4

-My race?-

-They called me small eyes-

-I’m just Asian-

-I don’t know what I am-

Oh, um,  I was Asian. See, my parents lived in Japan growing up but when they got married, decided to move to America.” said Janet.

I see Asian, meaning originating from Asia. Yes, now I can see it. The term Asian was used to categorize people with small eyes. The old upper-world was so cruel and unjust. Like I said, we here at The Wūn do no believe in races; but they are an interesting concept. Can you tell me Janet, what would be my old upper world race?” asked Alex.

Oh, maybe African-American. Most people would just call you Black though. It was easier to say than ‘African-American’ all the time.” said Janet.

African-American… Like Oprah Winfrey, or Martin Luther King Jr!?” excitedly asked Alex.

Yeah, they were black.” said Janet.

Even Micheal Jackson?” asked Alex.

He was black. Then he became white.Janet stated.

Oh, alright.” sighed Alex.

Can you untie me now. I’m not gonna move, I just want my wrists and feet free.” asked Janet.

I do not know if that is permitted Janet. The Wūn was not happy in the slightest at the sight at your stains.” said Alex.

Oh please Alex. My hands are starting to get numb.” pleaded Janet.

Oh alright. I, uh, do not think that would be unethical. If the state of the patient is in jeopardy than I guess I could-Alex was interrupted by 4 loud knocks on the door.

Okay Janet it looks like our time is up. Rachel will come in later to check up on you to see how your body is functioning. Goodbye now.Alex nervously croaked.

Fine. Bye Alex.” said Janet.

While Alex was exiting, Janet heard multiple footsteps leave with him. She realized, she was being monitored again.


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