Janet and The Wūn – 2

Janet snapped her head to the right to see who was there. In the doorway stood a female nurse about 5’7 whose features were flawless. She stood tall with perfect posture. Her hair was perfectly slicked back into a bun without a flyaway in sight. She had no makeup, but she didn’t need any. The woman didn’t have any blemishes or redness at all. She wore a white button down dress shirt tucked into her also white pants.  On her feet, white shoes were laced to perfection over white socks. The only thing that was not white on her, were her eyes and hair, which were both brown in color.

My name is Rachel. How are you today, Janet?” said the nurse.

My head hurts like crazy, I cannot see out of my right eye, my hair is blond, and my eyes are blue. What is going on?” Janet asked.

Yes, the woman who’s body you took over was indeed a blond with blue eyes.” explained Rachel.

What do you mean ‘took over’? And why on this note does it say I had ‘brain transportation’? What’s going on!?” demanded Janet.

All will be explained in the future, Janet. But right now, I need to do a physical evaluation on you to check and see how your body is functioning. Brain transportation can be a tricky procedure.” explained Rachel.

What are you talking about? What is this ‘brain transportation’? Where am I? I want to see my mom!” cried Janet.

Like I stated earlier Janet, all will be explained in the future. Now, I just need to ask you a series of questions regarding the state of your body. Can you move your right and left arms?” explained Rachel.

*Janet stuck her middle fingers up on both arms to Rachel out of frustration.*

They seem to work just fine Rachel. I could show you again if you would like.” retorted Janet.

There is no need for any upper world physical profanity down here Janet. Please just answer my questions with simple explanations so I can quickly fill out your physical evaluation.” responded Rachel.

I told you, my head is hurting like crazy right now.” replied Janet.

Okay, is there another part of you hurting currently?” asked Rachel.

Well I can’t see out of my eye right now.Janet said angrily.

Well, like I said earlier Janet, brain transportation can be quite tricky. If that is all, I will be back in a few minutes with your corresponding medications.Rachel stated.

*Rachel closed the door and left the room.*

Where was she?

What did she mean brain transportation?

Whose body is she in?

While Rachel was exiting, Janet heard multiple footsteps leave with her. She realized, she was being monitored. Janet panicked and tried to run out of her room, but she slipped on the bed sheet and hit her head on the desk where her note was. She fell on the floor and was bleeding out. Her headache was much worse now.


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