angel pt. 7/8 (trigger warning)

angel screamed at night. he was disturbed, imperfect, and tainted. upset everyday. he fell asleep crying, knowing of what was to come. nowadays, angel preferred a black life, to him everything was black. his thoughts were black, his dreams were black, his reality was black. he learned to love black. he thought of it as […]

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angel pt. 6/8

angel was dark and alone. he had no pills. he had no one. everyone was dead, and he was in his badlands. he felt uninspired, unoriginal, unrelatable. he felt isolated. all alone on his own. he heard everything, and his dreams were back. he could not get his pills for some reason. he just kept […]

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angel pt. 5/8

angel felt cold and hard, he did not know what to do. his dad was dead, his mom was dead. everything he loved was taken from him. he was relocated, placed in foster homes. he did not even know people’s names anymore. the people did not care about him. it was all about reputation with […]

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angel pt. 4/8

angel’s father did not live an entirely wholesome life. he knowingly drank in excess. he stole alcohol from his coworkers and friends. he was not the most honest man, but he loved his son. but his love for his son could not save him from agony, from misery, from torture, from hell. he was not […]

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angel pt. 3/8

nothing. angel’s dad felt nothing. everything went black. he had no more pain, he had no more feeling, he had nothing. he started thinking about his life. Images raced around in front of him. he saw angels birth. angel was born prematurely and they had to perform a lot of surgeries on him. he came […]

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angel pt. 2/8

angel’s dad loved angel. but he also loved alcohol. he loves the smell, the taste, the effects, he lived for it. angel’s dad had to fill a void. his wife, angel’s mother, had died in a car accident. when she left, he felt he had lost a part of himself. to compensate for what he […]

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