Janet and The Wūn – 1

Janet woke up in a bed. She had no recollection of what was going on. All Janet knew was that she had a bad headache and she couldn’t see out of her right eye. Last she remembered, she was hurt. She had been in a car accident with her mom. The paramedics rushed her to a hospital and tried to treat her for her injuries but were unsuccessful. Janet remembered that she died.
— Now where was she? —
— Was she in heaven? —
Janet had no idea, all she knew was that she had a major headache. She looked around and didn’t recognize anything. Then in front of her, a mirror was mounted on the wall. She didn’t see herself in the mirror, she saw a girl with blond hair and blue eyes. Last Janet remembered, she was definitely a brunette with brown eyes. And everything was white. Every wall was white.
— Where was she? —
Janet looked to her left and there was a note waiting for her.

+++ Hello Janet. We are Wūn, and you are in the future, or our present. In the years you spent in a slumber, our world has been corrupted. Corporate companies and factories overcame the upper world and pollution took over. The air was so polluted, we retreated under the crust. You are under the crust. The Wūn has perfected an underground civilization based on the flawless concept of white purity. We do not believe in races, the Wūn’s white purity is in regards to stainless and untainted equality. We hope you will agree with our customs, traditions, and beliefs and join us Janet. A worker will be in shortly to explain your brain transportation. The Wūn wishes you the best. +++

Janet didn’t know what to say. Her headache grew stronger. All she could do was look at her new blond hair and blue eyes in the mirror and stare. 

—Maybe she was being pranked?—

Now, her headache had reached a blinding pain. She couldn’t think anymore because it was throbbing so hard. All she could do was cry and hope someone was coming.

Eventually, Janet was startled by a knock on a door to the right of her. 


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