Janet and The Wūn – 3

When Janet woke up, she could see out of her eye again. She was now strapped down to her bed and her mirror was gone. The table next to her had also been removed. The only thing she could look at in the room now was the door. Janet stared at the door for what seemed like forever. Finally, the door handle turned and a new nurse walked in. This one was male and about 6’1. Just like Rachel, his entire wardrobe was white except for his black hair with was shaved to a buzz-cut and his eyes which were blue.

My name is Alex. How are you today, Janet?” the nurse asked.

Better. My head doesn’t hurt AS much and I can see again.” answered Janet.

Alright Janet, that is good. I need to do a physical evaluation on you to check and see how your body is functioning. If you would prefer, I could request for Rachel, your female nurse, to come in an perform the evaluation.” explained Alex.

No, please don’t send in Rachel. I just want someone to answer my questions. Please, can you tell me what’s going on? Where am I?” pleaded Janet.

You are not scheduled for your explanation for another three days Janet.” explained Alex.

Please, I don’t know where I am.” cried Janet.

I guess I could fill you in on some minor details before your explanation.” said Alex.

Thank you.Janet sighed.

Janet, you are in Facility B right now. We have four facilities for medical attention and Facility E for correctional purposes only. Individuals only visit  Facility E if they do not agree with our customs, traditions, and/or beliefs. You visited there on yesterday, for your stain.” explained Alex.

What stain? What do you mean I visited? I was unconscious all day yesterday.” asked Janet.

After your unfortunate collapse on the day before yesterday. When you slipped, you hit your head on the corner of the desk and bled out. Your blood got on the sides of the desk and all over the floor. You stained the floor and the desk. We were forced to repaint the entire room. Here at the Wūn, we do not believe in or leave stains. Stains belong to the old upper world. We believe in white purity, in regards to stainless and untainted equality, not the old upper world races. The Wūn has no races.” explained Alex.

Yeah yeah. I know all about your white purity. I read the note. What is up with you guys against races?” asked Janet.

Races are obsolete. They served no purpose and only divided the old upper world. Tell me Janet, what was your upper world race?” asked Alex.


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