Crash (Pt. 1)

“Melissa! What are we going to do? We are the only humans on Earth!” exclaimed Noah.

“First off, we don’t know if we are actually the last humans on Earth and second…” Melissa explained.

“Shhhh… I hear someone.” whispered Noah.

 Noah and Melissa quickly scurried behind the nearest tree. Melissa dug to the bottom of her pocket and pulled out a stainless steel knife. When she extended the knife blade, Noah freaked out and Melissa had to cover his mouth.

“Shhh. He’s right there.” Melissa said while uncovering Noah’s mouth.

“Melissa! Why do you have a knife on you?!” Noah whispered.

Melissa hushed Noah and slowly crept out from behind the tree. She slowly lunged towards the man and pounced on his back. She sank the knife into his shoulder and jumped off. The man shouted in pain. He took the knife out of his shoulder and stumbled to the ground. Noah came out from behind the tree and searched the man’s pockets.

“Melissa! This guy has like 50 pockets!” said Noah.

“Who cares. What did you find? Who is he?” Melissa asked.

“Alright umm… His name is Robert, he’s… 33 years old and is an organ donor. He’s got photos of him in a plane, steering not riding. There are also photos of this woman and judging by that ring on his finger he’s married, or was married. Ooh also, he’s one chicken sandwich away from a free small fry. He must be excited.” explained Noah.

“How did you survive, Robert?” asked Melissa.

*Oww “You just stabbed me in my shoulder. What makes you think I won’t kill you both?” Robert said through gritted teeth.

“Because I gotcha wife haha! And without this, you definitely will not be getting your free small fry.” Noah chuckled while waving the photos and coupon.

“Who cares. She’s dead. Everyone’s dead.” Robert said.

“But you’re not dead. How did you survive and how are you here?” asked Melissa.

“Help me up I’ll tell you how. By the way, what are yall’s names?” asked Robert.

“I’m Noah and the one who stuck a knife in your shoulder is my friend Melissa!” exclaimed Noah.

“Ok Noah and Melissa, help me to that tree trunk and I’ll tell y’all the story.” Robert claimed.

  Noah and Melissa helped Robert up and carried him to the trunk.

“Can I call you Rob? Robert is too formal for this situation.” asked Noah.

“Sure.” Robert hesitated.

“Rob, are you from Tennessee?” asked Noah.

“Because I’m the only ten you see? Not very original or clever Noah.” retorted Robert.

“No. Because you say ‘y’all’ a lot.” said Noah.

“Oh. No, Texas actually. The Buckle in the Bible Belt. Sorry.” apologized Robert.

“I forgive you Rob, now get on with your story, I’m getting anxious.” Noah chuckled.

Robert began to explain how he came to the island. He was piloting a plane full of survivors to a safe house when suddenly, it was struck by a single swan that tore off the plane’s left horizontal stabilizer. Robert jumped out the plane with a parachute and when he looked back to see if everyone got out, the plane exploded. He landed in the water a mile from the island and swam to shore. For the next two days, he survived on bananas and water. He was planning on washing his clothes on the beach when Melissa stabbed him in the shoulder.

“Oh, sorry about that.” Melissa apologized.

“It’s fine Em. Where did you learn to do that?” exclaimed Robert, gripping his shoulder.

“My mom got killed and my dad got paranoid, so he put me in self-defense classes my whole life. And you’re an easy target. You’re slow, like my mom.” said Melissa.

“Too much information Em. But I ‘precciate the honesty. Now, how did y’all end up here?” Robert asked.

“We were on-” Melissa said.

“I’ll tell the story!” Noah exclaimed.

“Melissa and I were in a situation quite like yours Rob. Except we were the survivors. We were the conquerors. We were the last hope of humanity! Then we stumbled into you. And stabbed you!” Noah chuckled.

“Speaking of stories and the Bible. Anyone got any fine literature handy? This could get boring here and I don’t want my brain cells to die off.” Noah added.

“All of our books were in that plane Noah. Robert, do you have any books?” asked Melissa.

“Sorry. You’re out of luck. No literature where I come from.” said Robert

“You had no books in Texas.” said Melissa.

“We had books but, none of ‘em sparked my interest.” responded Robert.

“How did you two teenagers survive a nuclear war? asked Robert.

“The same way you adults did. You ageist.” retorted Noah.

“Touché.” Robert said.

“Wait… two planes crashed… and the survivors both ended up on this very island. Are we in the Bermuda?! Haha no, I don’t think so. We were flying to the… uh… Melissa, where were we going?” Noah asked. 

“Antarctica.” answered Melissa.

“Oh yeah… do you think we are on one of those lost cities or continents, like Y’s or Atlantis?!” Noah asked.

“No. Those are mythical places that never existed and have been proven to be nonexistent.” answered Melissa.

“Oh yeah. I forgot. Carry on.” Noah exclaimed.

“So how are you living?… Like, where are you living?” Melissa asked.

“I built a shelter a few hundred yards from here. Y’all can stay with me. Just as long as y’all pull your own weight.”

“Sure I can! 120 pounds thank you very much!” Melissa exclaimed.

“How very uncharacteristic of you Melissa. So Rob, what’s the plan for survival?” asked Noah.

“The same thing I’ve been doing for the past two days, living on bananas and water.” explained Robert.

“What?! Too much potassium! Too much potassium!” cried Noah.

“What? No! Not just bananas! We could eat other things too, like coconuts and berries.” explained Robert.

“Oh. Okay.” Noah said.


…to be continued.           


2 thoughts on “Crash (Pt. 1)

  1. I found this to be quite amusing, and I’m interested to see where this is headed! There were a few grammatical mistakes, but overall, I thought this was a good story! Quite a lot of dialogue in there, but I assume that’s the style you’re going for. Just an observation.

    Liked by 1 person

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