angel pt. 6/8

angel was dark and alone. he had no pills. he had no one. everyone was dead, and he was in his badlands.

he felt uninspired, unoriginal, unrelatable. he felt isolated. all alone on his own. he heard everything, and his dreams were back.

he could not get his pills for some reason.

he just kept getting hit by waves of things. it was like problems just kept coming up everywhere he went. he was not being relocated anymore. apparently there was a limit to how many times a child could be relocated.

he had reached his limit of being thrown out. he had been thrown out so many times, he literally could not be thrown out again.

the family he was placed in were stuck with him. he was not stuck with them, they were stuck with him. they certainly tried to give him away. but they could not.

he was just drowning in problems and sorrow. he was now a burden to his new ‘family’. his depression had taken over.


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