angel pt. 4/8

angel’s father did not live an entirely wholesome life. he knowingly drank in excess. he stole alcohol from his coworkers and friends. he was not the most honest man, but he loved his son. but his love for his son could not save him from agony, from misery, from torture, from hell.

he was not a religious man, but he had a crooked cross in his room. it belonged to his wife. she always wanted to convert him to catholicism but, he was more scientific. he actually despised angel’s name. he thought it was fictional. he never said anything though. he just kept quiet and drank.

he saw angel walk in on his body. he saw him cry and sink to the ground. he saw him call the cops. he thought to himself,

i don’t wanna see anymore

then he sank into the ground.

1. it was like he was falling. just falling. he had a fear of heights and falling. wind whizzed past his ears and his hair blew in his face. he kept falling. objects were falling with him. the crooked cross, the empty beer bottles, angels medicine, broken glass, wind chimes. eventually, he hit a rock.

2. when he landed he could not move. his arms, legs, head, this was pinned. And his eyes closed. he couldn’t open them. it was like they were glued shut. then he saw himself stumbling into his bathroom, and he saw everything that went down. he saw the nail polish everywhere, he saw himself throwing up, he saw himself crying, he saw himself hit his head. then, he saw angel walk in. he started screaming, and crying, and flailing around. or rather, he tried to flail around. he could not move his body, he could not shield angel from seeing him. he could not stop angel from falling to his knees. then the rock he was laying on disappeared and he was falling again.

3. this time it was pitch black. he could not hear the wind this time. he heard nothing. he was just falling in the dark forever. he felt so alone. it felt like forever. hours went by. days went by. years went by. just as he was accepting his fate of forever falling, he smacked down on another rock.

he was pinned down again. he saw images of war, he heard bombing planes, he saw poverty stricken countries. he saw hitler. and the ground shook the floor every 5 seconds. then the planes stopped. but he still heard bombs. then the bombs stopped. his heart stopped beating. he was done.


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