angel pt. 3/8

nothing. angel’s dad felt nothing. everything went black. he had no more pain, he had no more feeling, he had nothing. he started thinking about his life. Images raced around in front of him. he saw angels birth.

angel was born prematurely and they had to perform a lot of surgeries on him. he came out screaming. it was not uncommon for a baby to cry when they came out but angel was screaming. he always screamed. it calmed down as he got older and they put him on medicine. he was never a bad child, he was just an angel. suddenly the imaged changed.

he thought about when he met his wife.

he saw himself jogging in a park. he was the only person who jogged on the sidewalk. people only ever came to the park to have picnics and throw a frisbee. but never a walker, jogger, or a runner. one day, in the far distance, he saw someone else jogging. he all of a sudden became self-conscious and stopped. eventually the jogger caught up to him. it was s girl and when she saw him stopped, she stopped. she was so happy to see another jogger. she asked if he wanted to run with her. angels dad sucked up all of the courage he could and said yes. the rest is history.

every memory of his life was just being replayed in his head. he started thinking about his wife’s death.

he got the call at work. she had just dropped angel off at school. she was not a reckless driver. she was just a regular driver. regular drivers cannot avoid trains. it was a 1 in 1000 chance of stalling on train tracks but she hit that one. it truly was a car accident. he was so distraught he forgot to pick up angel at school. then the image went dark and he could see himself bleeding out next to the table.
then he saw angel walk in.


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