angel pt. 1/8

angel sat alone in his room. white sheets, a galaxy ceiling, window closed, and the fan on high. Untouched, perfect, and innocent was he. only upset whenever he dreamed. he fell asleep every night watching his wall shimmer and sparkle from the light of his nite light. never did he think that anyone would ever turn off their lights.

angel likes his room like his head, clear, kind of empty, and beautiful. in the morning his cd collection would reflect the sun’s rays and shine on his posters and he never turned his DS off, so a little blue lite was always there for him. his dad came in every morning at 8:30 to wake him up. that’s what time he left for work. he would turn the light on and say “I’m off to work.” he did this until angel’s mom died, then he stopped coming in.

when angel dreamed, he dreamed of empty spatial nothingness. he dreamed of a dark void that never ended. no matter how far he ran, no matter how loud he screamed, no matter how much he cried, the void would not end until his dad turned his lights on in the morning.

the dreams were always a problem, even as a boy. he would toss and turn and scream all night in his sleep. eventually, after realizing that this was no small problem, his parents took him to a doctor where he was given pills. he called them his blue pills. they did not stop the dreams but they stopped the screaming. like the blue sky ends the dark night, his blue pills stopped his screaming in the dark. they did not stop the problem, but they helped.

that is why his room is so positive. to distract himself from the night. his the nite lite and his ds always being on are tactics to cancel out as much darkness as possible.

an angel in the lite, an angel in the night, soon enough, this angel will have to fight.


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