Top Albums (Update)

E•MO•TION – Carly Rae Jepsen Looking to transition from the “pure pop”-oriented nature of Kiss, Jepsen found inspiration in 1980s music and alternative styles. Lyrical and compositional inspiration for Emotion stemmed primarily from 1980s pop music. Jepsen sought to channel a “heart-on-your-sleeve sensibility” reminiscent of the era after having attended a Cyndi Lauper concert in Japan, […]

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SATM (update)

Ocean Eyes (Astronomyy Remix) – Billie Eilish Jimmy – M.I.A. Boyz- M.I.A. Bird Flu – M.I.A. Bucky Done Gun – M.I.A. Till Death Do Us Part – Madonna Thinking Bout You – Ariana Grande Knew Better / Forever Boy – Ariana Grande Touch It – Ariana Grande Greedy – Ariana Grande I Didn’t Just Come Here […]

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Summer Plans

Every year I plan on spending my summer going out, meeting friends, and doing things with people; but I always find myself just sleeping in bed. I stay up all night doing pretty much next-to nothing and then sleep all day, and I do this all summer long. I’m not doing that this summer. This […]

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Don’t Jump

Passing members of the public refused to let go of a suicidal man preparing to jump off of a bridge in Golders Green, North London. The group of strangers immediately rushed to grab him through the bars so he wouldn’t be able to jump. The passersby aren’t believed to have known each other before the […]

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