Not satisfied with Fl Studio (Demo)

If you don’t know, I make music…

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To make my music, I use a program or DAW called FL Studio. Because I don’t have a job and do not have a steady income, I use the free demo version. To say the least, I am not satisfied with this.

I know I am just using the demo, but upon some research, I learned even buying the full copy would still limit my capabilities. And what are these things that I would like to do.

For one, I would like to be able to import my own sounds into my music. Do not get me wrong, FL Studio has unlimited possibilities with all of their instruments and sound effects but I would like to upload my own sounds from various sources.

Upon writing this blog, I have realized I do not have that many issues with FL Studio.

Sometimes I find myself having no musical inspiration whatsoever and this leads to my frustrations towards FL Studio. I’m going to download another program called Rosegarden soon to try it out. It’s free 😅😄.

This a ranting blog. Sorry if it was nonsense.


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