Top Albums Update

f(x) – 4 Walls

The album cover artwork includes four blue walls against an orange background, with the four members' faces in between the walls.

The album, in the words of Pitchfork Media, keeps up with f(x)’s signature electropop and synthpop styles that the group cultivated through its previous albums Pink Tape (2013) and Red Light (2014). Jeff Benjamin of Billboard noted the emphasis on house and dance genres on the album. The opening track “4 Walls” was described as a tropical house song with “slinky” synthesizers and “dreamy” hooks by The Star. It was characterized as an “update” of UK garage by Spin, while Billboard detailed it as having a deep house sound. The next song, “Glitter”, is an R&B and synthpop number. “Deja Vu” mixes industrial beats with glitch pop sounds, while “X” draws influences from the 1980s funk, 1990s disco and R&B.

“Rude Love” is described as a piano house song with dance fusion. “Diamond” is an electropop song, while “Traveler” features retro-styled melodies and smooth rap verses. The track “Papi”, instrumented by synthesizers, infuses Latin music and EDM styles.[4][20] “Cash Me Out” is an EDM song that incorporates elements of American electropop. The album closer “When I’m Alone” is a synthpop track which was initially written by Canadian singer Carly Rae Jepsen during recording sessions for her third studio album Emotion (2015), but its inclusion was withdrawn and its rights were later purchased by S.M. Entertainment

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