Top Albums (Update)

(sorry for the spam. Just remembering a lot of great albums all of a sudden.)

Geidi Primes -Grimes


Geidi Primes received positive reviews from music critics. Pitchfork Media’s Lindsay Zoladz noted the album has an “eccentric, dreamy sound, which draws upon everything from dubstep to disco, Eastern music to 1990s R&B”, adding, “Despite its modest production values and relative simplicity, it’s a cohesive, enchanting, and surprisingly assured debut.” Zoladz goes on to opine that “perhaps Geidi Primes’s greatest virtue is its resourcefulness”, stating that it “excels at crafting evocative moods from deceivingly simple sonic materials and song structures”. Of Grimes as a vocalist, Zoladz found that she can “work her range”, from her “impressive falsetto” to a “spooky low tone” and her “tuneful deadpan” mid-range. In conclusion, Zoladz stated that “Geidi Primes shows that even her earliest recordings displayed a distinct point of view and an oddly mesmerizing quality […] a dreamy soundscape that invites an escape from the glitchy universe, a brief provocation to let go and just bliss out.”

Halfaxa – Grimes


Halfaxa has been described as a goth-pop and witch house release. Grimes has said Halfaxa was created to “evoke the feeling of believing in God in a very Medieval Christian way”, and has described it as her “medieval” album.

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