Name One Bad Song… I’ll wait. (2015)

I’m someone who likes to go out and find new songs and albums to listen to. I love finding new artists. 2016 was my year of experimenting and finding new stuff, and for some reason, it was of the stuff I missed in 2015.

Looking back now, I see that 2015, for me, was an amazing year in music.

These are my favorite releases from 2015 in order of release date. (Sorry if the explanations suck. I listen to music I don’t talk about it.)

20 January 2015

Vulnicura – Bjork

Electronic dance music, Ambient music, Acoustic music, Avant-garde music

Image result for bjork vulnicura

The album itself didn’t grow on me until months later. I love this record. It is about her divorce, so it’s very raw and emotional. If you buy a physical copy of this record, before each songs’ lyrics, there is a date to which the time period the song represents. (ie. 6 monhs before, 2 months before, 6 weeks after.) That was special to me because it is very real.

Hits: Stonemilker, Black Lake, Family

Misses: literally none


March 6, 2015

Rebel Heart – Madonna

Pop music, Electronic dance music

Image result for madonna rebel heart

This record is growing on me. I personally prefer Madonna’s older music. 1990’s Madonna to 2000’s Madonna is my favorite. The beginning of the album is flawless. Straight hits no misses and then kind of dips torwrds the end.

Hits: First Half

Misses: S.E.X., Rebel Heart, Body Shop, Holy Water

13 March 2015

Froot – Marina and The Diamonds

Pop music, Electropop

Image result for marina and the diamonds froot

This record is one of those “cult-following” records. It’s us great. The songs are a mix between the compositions of “Electra Heart” and the lyrics of “The Family Jewels.” (Her past two albums)

Here, she talks a lot about life and questions things. It is an introspection record.

Hits: Every song

Misses: literally none

May 1, 2015

M – Big Bang

K-pop, Hip hop music, Dance-pop

Image result for big bang m

There are just two songs on here and they are both great. And it’s K-Pop so…

Hits: Every song

Misses: literally none

May 17, 2015

Blurryface – Twenty One Pilots

Alternative hip hop, Electropop, Hip hop, Indie pop, Pop, Reggae, Rock

Image result for twenty one pilots blurryface

Twenty One Pilots are one other artists that I wanted to try and I did, and now I’m stuck in a Twenty One Pilots hole. This album is phenomenal. It is literally great from start to finish and it is just great.

Hits: Every song

Misses: literally none

18 May 2015

True Colors – Zedd

House music, Electro house, Progressive house, Electropop

Image result for True Colors (Zedd album)

I’ve been a fan of Zedd for years so this was one of those have to buy records. I got it as soon as it dropped and it’s good. It’s not groundbreaking, but it’s good.

Hits: I Want You To Know, Beautiful Now

Misses: none

June 1, 2015

A – Big Bang

Dance-pop, Trap, Acoustic

Image result for A (Big Bang single)

This is another one with just two songs and they are both bangers. No complaints. The last song sounds really American (or Western) though…

Hits: Every song

Misses: literally none

June 12, 2015

Breathe In. Breathe Out.

Pop music, Dance-pop

Image result for Breathe In. Breathe Out.

Like every child born past 1990, I think Hilary Duff is amazing. This album was her first in like 7 years and it did not disappoint. Straight hits the whole time.

Hits: Every song

Misses: literally none

July 1, 2015

D – Big Bang


Image result for D (Big Bang single)

ONCE AGAIN, another one with just two songs. And once again the songs are great. It K-Pop, it’s great.

Hits: Every song

Misses: literally none

August 5, 2015

E – Big Bang


Image result for E (Big Bang album)

Last one I swear. Two songs, K-Pop, it’s great.

Hits: Every song

Misses: literally none

August 14, 2015

Cry Baby – Melanie Martinez

Alternative/Indie, Pop

Image result for Cry Baby (album)

I found Melanie Martinez on YouTube and I thought she was great. Listen to this album, your mind will be blown.

Hits: Every song

Misses: literally none

August 28, 2015

Badlands – Halsey

Alternative, Indie

Image result for Badlands (Halsey album)

I hated Halsey. I thought she was trash and just copied Lana Del Rey. Now, I love Halsey and  IJUST FOUND OUT SHES DROPPINGAN ALBUM IN JUNE AND IM EXCITED ADGHSGDAKDSD.

Anyways, this album is great. Only complaints are Young God. Get out.

Hits: Ghost, Colors, Hold Me Down, Roman Holiday, Control, Castle

Misses: Young God

August 30, 2015

Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz – Miley Cyrus

Experimental music, Psychedelic pop

Image result for Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz

Don’t listen to this record. Unless you want to. Sometimes I want to. It’s profane, sexually and verbally and very filler. But Miley always sounds amazing so listen to the songs I listed.

Hits: Milkly Milky Milk, Dooo It, BB Talk, Karen Don’t Be Sad, Floyd Song

Misses: probably every other song. (There are 23 songs…)

September 18, 2015

Honeymoon – Lana Del Rey

Pop music, Jazz, Trip hop, Dream pop, Baroque pop

Image result for Honeymoon (Lana Del Rey album)


This record is great. It is slow and just great.

Hits: Every song

Misses: literally none

October 23, 2015

Storyteller – Carrie Underwood

Country, Pop

Image result for Storyteller (Carrie Underwood album)

People have this misconception that I hate country music and I don’t. I love country. Carrie Underwood is the best and she also can do no wrong. This record is great.

Hits: Every song. (Especially Choctaw County Affair)

Misses: literally none

November 6, 2015

Art Angels – Grimes

Electropop, Art Pop

Image result for Art Angels

Grimes did great with this record. Anthem of my summer.

Hits: Every song

Misses: literally none

4 December 2015

A Head Full of Dreams – Coldplay

Pop music, Pop rock

Image result for A Head Full of Dreams

I hated this record. Now I love it. Go Figure.

Hits: A Head Full of Dreams, Birds, Hymn For The Weekend, Everglow, Adventure of a Lifetime

Misses: none


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