This is Victor.

A man stood on the same street corner in Kemah, Texas for 3 years. Everyday, people drove right by him and wondered what he was up to. Finally, a woman named Ginger Sprouse, decided to roll down her window and speak to the man.

His name was Victor Hubbard. He had been standing on the corner, waiting for his mom to come back and get him. He had no place to live. That day, Ginger decided to help Victor out.

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She started a Facebook campaign entitled, “This is Victor.” to share his story.

“So, where to start? My name is Ginger Sprouse,” she wrote on the page’s first post. “I drive by Victor’s corner at least 4 times a day. I listen to people talking around town and keep hearing ‘someone needs to do something about that guy.’ So, I will be the organizer and I hope that we as a community can be ‘someone’ together.”

Soon, people began to come around help out Victor, and Sprouse led the charge. She cooked meals, washed clothes, helped him set up appointments with a mental health professional and welcomed him into her home.

Ginger created a GoFundMe page hoping people would donate to help the “sweet, gentle man” get back on his feet. Within two months, Hubbard received more than $15,000 in donations. He is now currently at $30,000.

Victor is currently working in Sprouse’s kitchen.

good news 2017

“She came around and she kind of saved me,” Hubbard told KHOU. “She helped me. It’s like grace.”

Soon, through Facebook, Victor was able to meet up with his uncle, and soon after, his mother.

Without Ginger, Victor might still be on the street corner.

good news 2017


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