Vinyl, for Newcomers

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I, myself, am NO expert whatsoever to the world of records and turntables, but I know enough to share some knowledge.

I received a record player for Christmas and was super excited. Up until that point, my only format for music audio was CD’s and Mp3’s. I prefer ed a CD over an Mp3 because, a CD is so much more personal than a Mp3 file. You could hold your CD, read the booklet, put it on your wall, but with Mp3’s, they were just files you had on your computer or phone. You can put Mp3 files on a CD but, artists spend time hand-crafting promotional images and memoirs for CD’s.

Anyways let me stop myself before I go on a rant about CD’s.

Like I was saying I had never had any experience with this type of format of music. It was like being dropped in a beautiful ocean with nowhere to go. Thankfully, we live in an age where if you have a question you can just google it. So I did hours of googling and to save you some time, I’ll tell you what I found!

1. Vinyl is the plural of Vinyl. It is not “Vinyls.” There are a few rules to records and this, to some people, is a major one. You will make some people cringe if you say Vinyls. Just stick to the word Vinyl or record. I like saying record.

2. Owning records are not just some simple task. Records require cleaning and proper storage. DO NOT LAY YOUR RECORDS ON TOP OF EACH OTHER. If you lay your records on top of each other they will become warped. Warped records sound distorted and wobbly, but there are methods to flatten out your records. To be safe, save your records upright, and not on each other.Image result for warped record gif

3. Cleaning your records are super important. Records get dust and dirt in them and you need to get them out or they won’t play right. There are many methods to cleaning your records that are cheap and there are some that may take a little more money, you can choose whichever. But you have to clean them.

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4. Obtaining vinyl is not always so hard. You can find good records at your nearest Goodwill, thrift store, F.Y.E., record shop, but they are not the cheapest everywhere. Some record shops will have records for super cheap like 10 ⊄ or 1 dollar, while some will charge you in the 30’s. It all depends on the state of the record, the place, and how new (when it was released) it is. You can also do your record shopping online like at Amazon or Discogs. Discogs will be your best friend with obtaining any record you want.

5. DO NOT BUY A CROSLEY  I myself, have never had experience with a crosley. But everyone says to not buy a crosley because they will destroy your records. Just, don’t buy one.

6. Now, the stylus or needle. Kind of like the word “Vinyls” some people don’t like hearing the word needle. But don’t worry about this one as much. You can say needle or you can say stylus, whatever floats your boat. You need to change your needle. My record player requires me to change my needle after 50 hours of play. I don’t know the different times for each needle, but I think that’s a great time o change it.

Okay that’s all!!! I hope you learned something from this. I’m still new to records but I wish I would have had something like this for me when I got my record player.


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