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not the band, but the state of neurogenic motor immobility and behavioral abnormality.

Catatonia is abnormality of movement and behavior arising from a disturbed mental state (typically schizophrenia). It may involve repetitive or purposeless over activity, or catalepsy, resistance to passive movement, and negativism.

Catatonia may involve symptoms such as staying still, fast or strange movements, lack of speech, and other unusual behavior.
People may experience:
Behavioral: involuntary imitation of someone else’s movements, repetitive movements, or restlessness
Muscular: slow bodily movement or stiff muscles
Cognitive: slowness in activity or amnesia
Mood: deep sadness or limited range of emotions
Also common: muteness or staring spells
Treatment includes tranquilizer medications like lorazepam (ativan) and diazepam (valium), or electric shock (electroconvulsive) therapy.



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