Photo Challenge: Anticipation

via Photo Challenge: Anticipation

Suicide Squad

I heard about this movie just like everyone else… I saw the trailer.

To me it was a cooler concept than all the other super hero movies. It was bad vs. evil.

I had never heard of the Suicide Squad up until this point and had no clue anything about them.

I’m not gonna lie. The only reason I wanted to see the movie was for Harley Quinn. She looked really cool and I had never heard of her. So I did my research and decided that I was going to see the movie when it can out no matter what.

Cut to after I saw it 3 times in the theatre.

I was head over heels in love with the franchise and I read all the New 52 Suicide Squad comics soon after. The last step I knew I was going to take was to get the movie on DVD.

When they announced the Extended Cut release date for Blu Ray, I lost it. I was so excited and happy and I couldn’t wait to get it on DVD.

Suddenly, all of the scenes from the movie were flooding my YouTube recommendations and I panicked. I quickly signed out, made a new account, and vowed not to look Harley Quinn, Suicide Squad, or anything related up on YouTube until I saw the extended cut.

This was about two months of anticipation. I had submerged myself in Suicide Squad and then I had abruptly pulled myself out the water without looking back. It was two months of pure anticipation. It was not agony but, it wasn’t fun.

When the time rolled around the buy the DVD, I bought it the first day it came out, and watching it was extremely relieving. I waited patiently and I did not spoil anything for myself. It felt amazing.

My anticipation was 2 months.


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