The Mistreatment of Hester and Walter




You remember that film made in 2013 that made 188.5 million dollars? It was called The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. It is about this character who often goes into a “dream land” and day dreams a lot throughout his day. People, including his wife, treat him differently. Did you know, this situation can be related to “The Scarlet Letter.” The way the townspeople treated Hester Prynne because of her sins. They judged Walter and Hester because of their actions and because they stood out from others. One time, when Walter brought his car in to take the chains off his axles, the men laughed at him. He said, “I’ll wear my right arm in a sling, they won’t grin at me then.” Hester’s child, Pearl, gets mistreated by the kids in the town. They exclude here from activities, they gang up on her, and they do not treat her fairly. Both of these characters are being mistreated for something that is not their fault. Walter daydreams a lot and it causes him to be physically unable in some ways and Pearl is mistreated because she was born out of adultery.



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