Uki’s Closing Statements…

Uki: I always think of my last words. I want to make them really profound. You will always remember my last words. Little boys and girls will have posters of my last words. People will get them tattooed on their bodies. People will fabricate my last words, they will say I was silent, but I have never been silent, I was just not around.

Everybody Dies. You will die, everyone in this room will die. You are only guaranteed one thing in life, it is death. Maybe, you will get shot in the head. You might fall victim of a horrible disease. You could fall from a great height. Whatever happens, I don’t care, it’ll happen.

One of my favorite songs is called Die Another Day by Madonna. Well, today, I’m gonna die another day. These chains and braces cannot hold me. I’m gonna get out and you’re gonna get it.

Warden: You’re crazy.

Uki: Let’s do this warden. Do your worst. BLOW IT.

(The Warden binds him on the chair but he laughs, kicks and spits on him. The warden pulls the switch on the electric chair. He laughs loudly thinking Uki to be burnt but as the smoke clears, he see that no remnants are to be found. He rushes to inspect the chair closely and notice  letters (HAHAHA) being burnt in the chair.)



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