The Comments Before the Curtains Close…

Peter Kürten

Peter Kürten“Tell me. After my head has been chopped off, will I still be able to hear, at least for a moment, the sound of my own blood gushing from the stump of my neck? That would be a pleasure to end all pleasures.”

Born in Germany in 1883 to an impoverished and abusive household, serial killer Peter Kürten began murdering people in 1913. In the publicity surrounding his killings he became known as the “Dusseldorf Vampire.” He surrendered to police in 1931 and was executed shortly thereafter.

Peter Kürten was born into extreme deprivation and poverty in Köln-Mullheim, a suburb of Cologne, Germany on May 26, 1883. The eldest of 13 children, his father was an alcoholic with sadistic tendencies, who brutalized both wife and children, in the one room apartment that they all shared, for the duration of Kürten’s childhood.

Kürten’s trial commenced on April 13, 1931, on charges including nine murders and seven attempted murders. To outward appearances a successful businessman in a well-tailored suit, he initially retracted his extensive confession, claiming that he had sought only to ensure his wife’s financial security.

The jury took only 90 minutes to return a verdict of guilty on all counts, and Kürten received nine death sentences. He was executed by guillotine on July 2, 1931, in Cologne, Germany.

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