What it Feels Like For a Girl.

Women have been mistreated for centuries.The worst part about this situation is that it is still being practiced today. Today, all over the world, women are being physically beaten, sexually harassed and violated, and psychologically abused. Women have been disregarded politically, economically, and the worst of all, sexually; and they have been considered a minority up until the last century.

            In the Nathaniel Hawthorne fictional novel “The Scarlet Letter,” written in 1850, women are mistreated. The book may be fictional, but it holds many truths about women. In the book, a woman has an affair and is besmirched. No one looks for the father. They bear all of the sins on the woman. She was forced into a mindset that made her think it was entirely her fault. We have been training women to be smaller psychologically. They are taught that they are lesser than men and cannot do things that men can do. Women could not even vote until August 18, 1920, less than a century ago. And women today, in 2016, are still getting unequal pay in the workforce.

            Jesus said, “Women’s lives matter.” Violence against women has been a hot topic for years. They have been raped, beaten, and just have had the most horrible crimes done to them, and this kind of stuff still all goes on today. Do you know what FGM is? FGM stands for Female Genital Mutilation, it is procedures done to female genital organs to cause intentional injury for non-medical reasons. The fact that this is a practice is sickening, the fact that over 133,000,000 women today have undergone FGM is horrifying. This is sexual and physical abuse in the highest degree.

Women are treated unequally in  politics, economics, and are taken advantage of sexually. Women have been considered a minority, but they are not. Women and men are equal. We were both put on Earth to serve God and we both play key and vital roles in the survival of each other. It is time for women to be regarded with respect.

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4 thoughts on “What it Feels Like For a Girl.

    1. I think it is important to remember that just because someone that plays a different role than you doesn’t make than any lesser than you. Each role men and women play in society may not be the same but they are all equal in importance. What may be measly to someone could be detrimental to the well-oiled machine that our society is. I cannot say exactly when women were seen as lesser but, I can say that it has been for a while. I don’t know if you are religious or not, but I believe that we originate from Adam and Eve. There was a story in the Bible regarding a man and a woman having an affair and a group of soldiers caught them in the act. They dragged the woman out of the house and were about to stone her before Jesus stopped them. This, to me, shows that women have been mistreated and seen as lesser since the beginning of time. I think it stems from the superiority of some men and just transferred millenniums to where we are now. Sorry if this was too long.

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      1. “It is important to remember that just because someone plays a different role than you doesn’t make them any lesser than you.”

        Very true. Unfortunately, I’ve experienced a situation where a female friend of mine stated that men who are paid more than her for the same job deserve more than she does. This should not be true, of course, but it’s disheartening to think that some women believe they don’t deserve as much as men do, for whatever reason.

        I know in some ancient cultures, there were some matriarchal societies that existed. But like you said, with a prominent text (like the Bible) showing women constantly being subjugated to inferiority, then no wonder we’ve developed this mindset that women are lesser individuals. Of course, a lot has changed since Biblical times, but there is still work to do : )
        (And never worry about long comments! Always say what you must).

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