Roger Chillingworth & Mr. Dimmesdale

Roger Chillingworth & Mr. Dimmesdale are fictional characters in the Daniel Hawthorne written novel, “The Scarlet Letter.” The plot of “The Scarlet Letter” revolves around a woman named Hester Prynne in the 1600’s. She has had an affair with a man we do not know yet, and Roger Chillingworth is her cuckold. Hester’s punishment involves her being forced to wear an “A” on her chestDuring their last encounter together, Chillingworth said that he vows to find the man that Hester laid with.He stated that he did not want anyone in town to know that he was the cuckold, on the account of it would be embarrassing. After that, Chillingworth took up a job to take care of the sick reverend in the town.  Chillingworth and Mr. Dimmesdale soon form a bond way more superior to some doctor/patient relationship, Chillingworth and Mr. Dimmesdale become great friends, considering Chillingworth never leaves his side. Chillingworth’s friendship with Mr. Dimmesdale quickly escalates to become an obsession. Chillingworth thinks that Mr. Dimmesdale is the man who Hester cheated on him with. He lightly suggests that Mr. Dimmesdale should confess his sins before he dies. (He intends on finding out his sins.) One day, while Mr. Dimmesdale was sleeping, Chillingworth decides to examine his patient. While examining him, he removes his shirt, and what he finds, completes his search. Mr. Dimmesdale under his shirt has an “A”. He wore this”A” as a way to ask for forgiveness without anyone knowing what he did. He does not want anyone to know that he, Mr. Dimmesdale, the town’s reverend, had an affair, with a married woman.

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